Our Policies

Young Labor Left NSW is a democratic organisation which believes that all people regardless of their class, gender or race have the right to a home, to food, healthcare, a decent education and a satisfying life. We share a commitment to the principles of Democratic Socialism because they have a natural affinity with the interests of the working class and our collective struggle for economic, environmental and social justice.

We are members of the Labor Party because we believe that as a central institution of Australian society, the ALP provides us with an important tool to achieve these ends. At the core of our organising philosophy, however, is a view that real change doesn't come from the top down, it is always created by everyday people at a grassroots level. Our policy platform has been developed in consultation with trade unions, community organisations and social movements all of which inform our organisation's outlook. 

We have five significant policy projects currently underway:

1. Advocating for A Green New Deal & Just Transitions

We want to ensure that Australia transitions to a 100% renewable economy as quickly as possible but we can't leave workers in coal-dependent communities behind. We want the Australian Government to sit down the community and trade-union leaders to develop a wide scale investment and compensation package which recognises the human consequence of rapid structural changes in our economy due to climate change. The package should consider how workers in coal-communities could help to build and operate infrastructure which can insulate our society from the worst impacts of climate change.

2. Calling for An End to Offshore Processing of Asylum Seekers & Boat Turnbacks

We believe that all people fleeing their homes due to persecution, war and climate catastrophe deserve our compassion. Australia should adopt a community processing solution for all refugees who arrive on our shores asking for help. Young Labor Left maintains an active involvement in the refugee movements both within and outside the ALP. 

3. Industrial Militancy & Democracy

The trade union movement is the lifeblood of the Australian Left. We support industry wide bargaining, the right of all workers to strike, closed shops and the abolition of the Australian Building and Construction Commission. We are all active members of our workplaces and believe that the trade union movement is the single most important tool in the arsenal of the working class against the divisive influence of billionaires and conservative shock-jocks. It's time to unite and fight!

4. Building A Feminist Society

The contribution of women to society is immeasurable and yet we dominate Australia's most poorly paid workplaces, are more likely to be victims of domestic violence, and are legally prevented from taking control over our reproductive health. Internationally, Women are most acutely affected by climate change, war and famine and yet mainstream political discussion tends to present gender oppression as an independent  political sphere which should be addressed in isolation. As socialist feminists we reject the arbitrary isolation of feminism from the economic and social issues which affect both men and women. We believe that socialism which is not attentive to feminism deserves to fail which is why we continue to fight for a gendered perspective within our communities, workplaces and Young Labor Left.

5. Labor Party Democracy

Young Labor Left believes that the ALP should adopt structural reforms which empower its members to take control of policy decisions and the election of Labor candidates. The Democratic Socialists of America and Momentum in the UK Labour Party have already demonstrated the success of similar tactics; marshalling thousands of young people in the streets as activists, campaigners and at the ballot box. Engaged members are active members!



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