Free Education in a Post COVID Future

Want to graduate debt-free?
We believe that education is a human right, and that as school students we deserve to pursue any field that we choose after school. The Young Labor Left Schools Students Network will be holding a panel discussing the benefits of free tertiary education. As young people at the beginning of our careers, our right to an education should not be determined by our socio-economic status.
Hear from former National Tertiary Educators Union president Jeannie Rea as she explains the wide-reaching benefits of fee-free higher education.
Dr Gareth Bryant, political economy lecturer at the University of Sydney will discuss the impacts of increased public spending in the university sector – for workers and for students. David Pink will recount the successful campaign against staff cuts at Sydney University in 2012.
Education is essential for the future of our country. Have your questions answered at our forum this July.
July 09, 2020 at 6:00pm - 7:30pm
Via Zoom
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Will you come?