From COVID to the Green New Deal

COVID-19’s disruption of the Australian economy offers the opportunity to champion a new economic model that centres on sustainability, human needs and social justice. We already have all the technical plans necessary to transform our economy to confront the climate crisis. What we need is a political coalition to make these plans a reality. What we need is a Green New Deal.
Only the Labor Party can bring workers, environmentalists and communities together around a Green New Deal. Join Young Labor Left and our panelists next Thursday from 6pm as we discuss how we can build that coalition and deliver an Australian Green New Deal ✊
Felicity Wade has been the National Co-Convener of the Labor Environment Action Network (LEAN) since 2013. Felicity has had a career spanning environmental and party activism, starting in the Wilderness Society and later in the successful grassroots efforts for Labor to adopt a 50% Renewable Energy Target in 2015, and new environmental laws in 2018.
Nic Clyde is the NSW Community Coordinator for the Lock the Gate Alliance. Lock the Gate is arguably Australia’s most successful grassroots environmental organisation, made up of over 120,000 farmers, traditional custodians, conservationists and concerned citizens. Over a number of campaigns, Lock the Gate has been critical in the defence of land, water, and communities from invasive coal and fracking developments.
Will Tracey is the Deputy National Secretary of the Maritime Union of Australia (MUA). The MUA has reputation for having one of the strongest and most active rank and file members of any Australian Trade Union. While representing thousands of workers in carbon-intensive industries, the MUA has proven to be the most forward thinking union on the climate crisis; participating in the Climate Strikes and advocating for a just transition from offshore oil and gas to offshore wind
August 06, 2020 at 6:00pm - 7pm
Nick Daniel

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