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Cian Galea - Leader of NSW Young Labor Left

I joined Young Labor Left because I believe that all people, regardless of gender, sexuality, race or otherwise have a common interest in dismantling the social and economic systems which put the profits of corporations above our needs. Democratic Socialism is a project which unites working people around this common interest.

Like most people in Young Labor Left, my involvement in the ALP has been informed by relationships with other social movements particularly my friends and comrades in environmental, refugee and student campaigns. The ALP must welcome the participation and criticism of other organisations in the broad left to ensure that we maintain a connection with grassroots activists and our collectivist values.

To that end, I support democratic reform within the ALP as a means of engaging community activists and workers in the development of Labor's policy platform and organising strategy. By opening our doors to more members and enfranchising them to elect our leaders, Labor stands to gain the support and expertise of thousands of Australians. This must be the first priority of all Democratic Socialists within the ALP.

I'm proud to lead an organisation which believes in climate justice for workers, community processing of refugees, public ownership of our economy and industrial militancy. You can read an article I wrote recently here: https://www.unprecedentedtimesmagazine.com/a_chance_to_turn_the_page

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