Young Labor Left NSW is an organisation of young people dedicated to building a democratic socialist movement in Australia, as members of the Australian Labor Party.

We believe in participatory and representative democracy; trade unionism and workers’ control of industry; the abolition of exploitation for private profit; the implementation of the ALP’s socialist objective; environmentalism and sustainability; as well as feminism, queer rights, and First Nations justice.

At the core of our organising philosophy is that real change doesn't come from the top down, it is always created by everyday peopleThe great struggles of our time will require working people standing up together, and getting organised. Click here to join us.

Join Young Labor Left to Fight for a Fair & Equitable Society

Members of Young Labor Left discuss why they joined our movement for change and why we need rally together to fight for a fair and equitable society. If you are interested in progressive economics, feminism, environmentalism, industrial militancy, and democracy then message our page to get involved. #forthemanynotthefew #changetherules #auspol #welcomeweek

Posted by Young Labor Left - NSW on Sunday, 17 February 2019